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Financial Education Resources

First Credit Union

First Credit Union offers FREE financial education to members of all ages.

"Budget Basics: Get Back on Track" online course

The free online course, Budget Basics: Get Back on Track will teach you how to stretch your budget to make ends meet and help you get back on track with a usable spending plan. This is a 14 minute course.

"Power Over Debt: Break the Cycle" online course

The free online course, Power Over Debt: Break the Cycle will give you the tools and knowledge you need to get your debt under control and keep it under control. This is a 15 minute course.

"On Track for Retirement: Tips for a Smooth Transition" online course

The free online course, On Track for Retirement: Tips for a Smooth Transition will teach you how to jump start your retirement savings plans, as well as budgeting tips as you transistion into retirement. This ia a 17 minute course.
moneymix.comMoneyMix is for young adults 18 to 30 looking for relevant information on money and finance. This interactive, peer-produced site features blogs, videos and articles on financial topics facing young adults.
anytime.cuna.orgAnytime Adviser offers financial advice 24/7. You'll find a variety of self-guided interactive coaching sessions that use games, quizzes, calculators and simulations to provide helpful information and help you make important financial decisions. Any time is the right time for great financial advice.
takechargeamerica.orgTake Charge America is a non-profit credit counseling and debt management agency. For 25 years, Take Charge America have been helping people improve their financial futures by achieving self-reliance, financial stability and financial independence. They offer a variety of free, online financial educational resources. CU Succeed is designed for teens age 13 to 17. Get tips on budgeting, credit and preparing for college. You'll also find interactive financial calculators, original teen-written articles, and links to other helpful websites. Kirby Kangaroo Club is for kids age 6 to 12. Play cool games or read about Kirby’s adventures. You can also check out the jokes page or if you’re feeling artistic print out one of Kirby's coloring pages. Check it out and join the fun today!